Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THE BIG 3 - 0

The OLD MAN turned 30!!!
We had a BBQ with friends and family for Aaron's 30th birthday. It was lots of fun and ended with a Wheelie Contest. Oddly, the person with the best Wheelie was our friend, Dennis Allen, who does not ride his bike much ... not even sure he actually has one right now! It was a great time. I am so happy this man is my husband and the father to our sweet kids. Seriously, couldn't have asked for a better role model. Even his immaturity makes him a great father ;) We love you babe!


Cheesecake for breakfast on his birthday ... I think that started it off perfectly! Especially since he had just went for a bike ride, another favorite.

Lots of colorful shorts (which all had to be taken back because they were a little too short!).

The shoes were just right though :) He said he may even go running in them (time will tell). I would love to have him as my running partner!

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