Wednesday, April 24, 2013

18 months going on 16!

Andie turned 18 months old in March (Hey, at least I am remembering to post at all!!)
I have been a little behind lately :(

Here is what she is up too:

Height: ?? (I can't find my paper from the doctor. I will update later)
Weight: ?? around 24lbs ish

  • Always trying to take her clothes off (she has to wear a onesie or else she is successful!)
  • Naughty ... gets into everything! Colors on everything! Very mischievous!
  • Great at cuddles
  • Gives the tightest best hugs I have ever gotten from a toddler :)
  • Loves animals
  • Loves other little kids
  • Wants to be outside all day playing
  • Constantly wanting to sit on the potty like the boys (hopefully this a sign potty training will go well)
  • Beautiful brown thick hair. I can pull it back in one ponytail with ease!
  • Enjoys singing songs to herself. This is probably one of the most adorable things she does. The boys never really sang out of the blue like her. I need to record this so I remember her sweet little songs :)
  • She is talking up a storm and finally will call my "Mommy". She knew how to say mommy a long time ago but she just didn't ever use it much. Instead she would say "Daddy" ALL THE TIME! Drove me nuts that when Aaron would come home she would run down the hall yelling his name over and over but all day she never said mine once! What a stinker! Well, she says it now a lot and it sounds so sweet :)
  • Loves food ... but mainly all over her body and in her hair!
  • Plays great with other kids unless they want the same toy (naturally)
  • Loves to try on several different shoes a day. I think her love is boots though!
  • Favorite food is probably string cheese

When Aaron dresses Andie she looks a little like this ....
Pink tutu, green leggings tucked in to her bright blue socks with some mary jane shoes ... classy, eh? Of course he goes more for the I just woke up hairdo also :)

Andie still loves to sit and stare out this window when she longs to be outside and I won't let her. 

 Andie is sporting a new headband I made for her. Do you like? I made 5 or 6 in different colors. She will only wear it for a few hours. Still, crazy cute on her right?

The classic face I get when she doesn't like what's going on ....
 To say that her Daddy is her favorite is an understatement!! She adores this guy, maybe as much as me!

 Shopping with Andie for clothes is seriously a bonding experience. I can feel the connection we have just because we are girls ... it's precious. Most of the time she wants to try on shoes, ALL the shoes. If you want to win her over then buy her some cute boots :)
Always want to be on the boys bunk bed because she knows she isn't allowed unless I am with her. Of course, she always tries while I am not looking!

She loves this pink skirt and would 
wear it everyday if I let her!

  Andie getting angry at me as always when she is done eating in the morning. This girl is beyond impatient. That is a quality she gets from me unfortunately.
I am in love with this little girl. She has added a sweetness to our home. The boys seem to really enjoy having a little sister and that they are different from her. I have started to see lately that Jack loves helping her and being a big brother to a sister. It melts my heart to see him interact with her. Love my kiddos!

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