Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hi - Ya! Ninja Time!

My baby boy, Max turned 4 years old on May 25th. Wow, that is crazy to think he only has one more year until Kindergarten. My smarty pants is definitely ready now though. 



 Below is Max's very masculine ninja kick ... haha! I love his timidness :)

Ninja Pinata ... this was a big hit with all the little kids and the BIG kids :)

 (Aaron gave me a funny look when he saw Max's cake. He said, "4 Max .. really? That's all you are going to write?". He thought it meant "FOR MAX"  instead of  "4 (as in he turned 4!) Max". I had a good chuckle about that conversation ;)

Rice Krispie Sushi!!!
This was the easiest thing to make and so cute!

Ninja Sugar Cookies

 These were worth the time it took to decorate. Max told me over and over how much he loved the cookies. This is why we go through all the work for birthday parties. To see those cute little excited smiley faces!!

What Max has been up to this past year and what makes him so special....

*He learned to READ (biggest accomplishment for sure!!) You have to be patient and it takes him a while to sound out the words but he can do it!! 
*He learned to ride a bike - this took ONE day and he got it! Learning to use his breaks took a few more days and he is still learning to start on his own. Definitely a shining moment to Aaron ;)
*Favorite color is Blue
*HATES loud noises. You won't catch him anywhere near fireworks. Every 4th of July he is in our car watching them!
*Favorite thing to do is play with cars, airplanes, baseball, soccer, ride his scooter, play with his best friend (Jack)
*He weighs ... and is ... tall
*Has become less shy thanks to his amazing preschool teacher! We love Miss Jill!
*Favorite food is hot dogs and pizza
*Favorite treat is Reese's candy bars. (Man, he really is an exact replica of Aaron!)
*Loves to read books and write words. He will sometimes want to write and trace his letters for an hour or more ... it's awesome!
*Doesn't love going to church but will always go if he gets to ride the trail-a-bike with Dad
*He has always had brown eyes but lately they are turning green. I am not sure if they will stay green but it is so handsome on him
*When he runs he always kicks his butt :)
*He is genuinely great at sports. He is so excited to do outdoor soccer in the Fall.
* Loves playing video games ... ugh! I despise video games lately but my boys love it...
* Loves to cuddle 
* Has such a sweet voice he could convince anyone to do what he wanted ... seriously!

I am sure there is more I could tell about my sweet Max but this will be all for now. This boy melts my heart!

*Update: I forgot to post this birthday morning pics ... that sword in the picture is the cardboard sword Jack made Max for his birthday. So thoughtful :)

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