Saturday, January 26, 2013

Andie at 15 months


Well, I am behind because she is now 16 months! At least I am writing this down so I don't forget.

What Andie is up to:

  • Teething like a mad woman! She has gotten 5 teeth since her birthday!! (12 total now!)
  • Weighs 21.38lb (24%)  Height 31.89" (86%)
  • Jabbers a lot. All of the sudden will say a word and do it perfectly. A little strange. I asked her one morning if she wanted Chex or Kix for breakfast? Clear as day she says "Chex". Wow, the "ch" sound and the "x"! I think she is holding out on me by not talking more. What a stinker! 
  • STUBBORN and impatient! Just like her mama :(
  • Loves to put on boots (especially ones that are not hers). At least a few times a day she comes to me with different boots or shoes to put on her. If they are boots she gets them on herself, then usually finds a hat and some gloves. It's adorable and I am seeing the girly side come out. She is very concerned about what she is wearing lately. Andie still loves to wear necklaces also.
  • Torments her brothers ... still. Ugh! I don't know if this will ever stop. They are so sweet to her and then she is so mean to them. I am sure the tables will turn in the future ;)
  • Absolutely loves brushing her teeth and is always wanting her toothbrush when we go in the bathroom. This is a blessing to me since Max would scream every time for probably a year. He is great now though!
  • Getting lots of hair. I thought I would hate having to do her hair but I am loving it. She will let me to which is even better! So fun :) It probably makes a difference that I don't have a houseful of girls.
  • Loves to read books. Makes my heart so happy when they ENJOY reading or being read to.
  • Needy, clingy, always wants to be holding my hand.
  • Sleeps like a champ ... another blessing!
  • She will say a prayer. I can't understand any of it of course. She folds her arms dips her head down a little and mumbles. Then laughs at herself after because she thinks she is so awesome.
  • Unbelievably ticklish!
  • Climbs everything ... therefore has hit her head way more times than I would like to admit from falling!
  • Starting to play with dolls instead of just cars. I was wondering if having brothers would make her only into boyish toys because she would love to get the cars and make the "vroom" noise. Proved me wrong. 
Okay, that is probably all I need to document as far as milestones and such. Only thing left to be said is I am in love with this little lady. She has stolen my heart!

A week ago she picked our her outfit. A tanktop and capris. Then she needed Max's coat a backpack and her sippy cup. Then she said, "Bye" and wanted me to open the front door. She makes me smile every day (And get mad but let's remember the silly times!)

She wants to be like her brothers so she "practices on the potty". I hope this means she will be excited and it will be easy to potty train her. I will just keep dreaming for now ...

She usually looks like this (but dressed) with boots on, ever since the boots came out for winter!

 Sadly, this is how she looks at every meal. COVERED in her food and all down her clothes! She is still cute but she is the messiest kid I have had at my table. She refuses to wear bibs also, grrr.

Andie has a helmet fetish. She attached to this one at Ross (it's not cute) but it was only $4. Look at that smile, I had to get her a helmet right? She didn't have one yet so it worked out.

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