Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Extravaganza!!!!

Christmas ... was fabulous!
This year for some reason was so much better than other Christmas's in the past. I was actually calm and didn't feel stressed with everything needing to be done. It was so great!!! If anyone really knows me, I am pretty much always stressed or anxious about something. 

Here are some of the things we did this year ...

Christmas trees made out of Rice Krispies (Gluten Free of course) with a Rolo stuck to the bottom. These were so easy and cute. I think I will make them again next year.

Sugar cookie decorating with my parents and my little twin sisters ...

 Andie = A MESS!!! Always lately :(

 If you pull out a phone you get EVERYONE's attention.

We walked around Christmas Village in Ogden with the kids for FHE one night in December. They even had Santa there. Jack was really excited and we waited in line to see Santa for almost an hour ... in the COLD. I kind of wish he didn't want to see Santa but it was worth it once we got inside. Max wanted nothing to do with this. He couldn't even be near the building or he started crying!

Christmas at the Allreds. As always my kids had a blast at all the parties. The first was my parents and this year it became very apparant there are a lot more grand kids than last year! I blame Tessa adding four more kids!!!!

 Isn't this girl so stinkin' cute in her skinny jeans!!!!!

 My Grandma Hrischi and myself :)

Awe ... what a good lookin' couple!

Here is a picture of the crowded living room ... BEFORE everyone came and sat down!!

Making my Grandma Rust make a funny face ... it only took about five attempts!

Mecham Christmas Party

The Nativity ...
Brighton and Andrew (Mary and Joseph)
 + Liam (as baby Jesus) - he was very cooperative little baby!!!

This picture with Uncle Sean, Andie, and Maggie (cousin) makes me smile :)

That scrunchy nose ... have you noticed Jack does that in EVERY picture now. Too funny!

Olivia played a Christmas song on her violin. She did such a great job!

Can you feel the excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Andie posing on the chairs ...

My heart is melting over how cute this picture below is. I just want to cuddle her!!

Andie ... trying out the boys  new scooters. She demanded a turn.

Jack trying out my Jillian Michaels Wii workout. It was kind of a disappointing game :(

Christmas is getting to be more and more fun with our children as they get older!!! I hope you had a great Christmas and that you felt the joy of the season!!!

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