Saturday, June 21, 2014

Baby David

(named after my Grandpa Glenn David Allred)
May 16th, 2014
Born at 6:25am
7lb 8oz 20" long
Due date: May 22
Gained 25 lbs

Birth Experience:

I am SUPER excited this little guy is here!! I have easy pregnancies so I have nothing to complain about BUT the day before he came I was a complainer :( I felt like he would never come, even though I still had a week to go before my due date. I can not tell you how many people asked me that day, "So, are you going to have that baby anytime?" Grrr, after hearing it over and over when you are trying not to feel frustrated with the waiting game made me irritated. And yes, I cried to my husband that evening about ALL the things bothering me during my pregnancy. Poor guy. I was a titch emotional, or maybe more than a titch ;) I have a great husband who was understanding and there for me which I needed more than anything.
           That day I tried several things to help get my baby out. I hula hooped on the Wii Fit (this is what made labor start with Max). I tried putting a heating pad on my belly (this is what started labor with Jack). I ate pineapple, spicy food, and chocolate (I think that was more for my me!). I am pretty sure what really got it going was the ummm .... one thing ... you know, right? Well, all of this happened and I went to sleep at about 12:30am. At 12:45 Max woke up because he threw up in his bed. Yuck! So, we let him come lay in our bed since his was gross. Then he threw up in our bed at about 3:30am, so we got up and started cleaning our bed so we could sleep. I started having contractions at 4 am and they were about 4 minutes apart. I spent about 30 or 40 minutes deciding if I was truly in labor or not. I decided I was when they were already 2-3 minutes apart by that time.
              I told Aaron we were going to the hospital and I called my dad to come over and sit with our kids. My dad lives in Logan so it would take him about an hour to get to our house. I waited another 30 minutes and my contractions were about 1-2 minutes apart. I realized I couldn't wait another half hour for my dad or I may have the baby at our house. I called my lovely neighbor and she hurried over and we took off. I got to the hospital after 6am, SLOWLY walked inside. I had to stop every minute for a contraction because I could not even focusing on walking at the same time. 
           We got to the reception desk and all checked in at 6:16 am. When they saw my legs crossed they hurried and got me to a room and checked me. I was 9 cm dialated! A few minutes later as I was sitting there with a doctor waiting me to deliever my water broke. Picture a water balloon being shot out of a sling shot, breaking and spraying everyone in it's path. The poor doctor ... I sprayed him good. Ha! It made me a little embarrassed. I have never heard of the water exploding out like that! Needless to say, my doctor never made it! I pushed out our baby at 6:25am. It was very painful but I felt so empowered not getting an epidural. It was a euphoric moment. I will never forget it. It was hard, really hard but wonderful. I felt instantly pain free as soon as I delivered. Aaron was great, even though he wasn't sure how to help me. If you are going to go natural, a 2 1/2 hour labor is the way to go! As if you have a choice right? 
       I am definitely a suffer in silence type. There was no screaming for me during pushing. More of grunts from pushing and such. I have to say I have the best husband. I am sure he was almost as exhausted as me watching me go through what I did and thinking of how to help me. He is amazing and I love him even more. I could tell he knew me well and what I needed. Now we have our beautiful baby boy, our last baby. A bittersweet moment. He is perfect and a great baby. It is a very spiritual moment when you bring a child into the world. I am in heaven. I am treasuring every moment because I know it's my last time to experience this. David will always be my baby :)

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