Sunday, June 8, 2014


Aaron is crazy and decided to take on the Lotoja race! It was a great experience for him. Even though right after he finished he said he had no desire to do it again he was singing a different tune the next day. Something about racing ... it's hard to not go back when you feel you could do even better next time now that you know what it is like.
Starting Line!!

Aaron with his boss, Matt.

They got some Burger King at the end of a stage. I thought they were crazy but they both said it saved them!

Fast food discriminates against cyclist. They wouldn't even talk to us ... lame!

 Heading out after the burger!

Aaron right after he crossed the finish line!

This is the face of someone who just rode non-stop for an entire day and a little bike seat. Do you think he is exhausted????

Our hotel rocked the towel oragami, eh?

I just wish it didn't take us an hour to find the hotel! We were both exhausted (obviously, Aaron a lot more than me!) and there was a ton of construction that we couldn't figure out how to get around. We finally got there and crashed!

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