Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beginning of School Year 2013-2014

Jack's first day of First Grade!

Jack's teacher is Miss Carter. Jack got accepted into the Accelerated Learning Academy, which is Ogden School Districts Gifted and Talented program. He took a test and accepted the top 25 students! I am not surprised Jack got accepted. If you know him at all then you understand what I am talking about. The test was one that kids take to get into private schools. Jack ended up getting a score in the 98th percentile and that's comparing him to every student who took that same test in Utah!!

Andie had to get on  "pack pack" too! She wants to be big like her brothers :)

Max's first day of 4 year old Preschool. He is going to Wee Ladds and Lassies again at Ben Lomond High School again. He will have Miss Jill (Eccles) for a teacher again and we love her!
Handsome boy, eh?

They gave him gluten and he spent the next few hour after school throwing up. He eventually passed out ... rough first day :(

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