Saturday, June 21, 2014

Maximus is 5!

*41.8" Tall (26%)
*38 lbs (30%)

Max had his first friend party this year! He has been talking about it for months prior and was having a hard time waiting. Jack and Max are really into the Skylanders Game. Therefore, it was a Skylanders themed party. I am not sure most the kids even knew what it was but they had fun. Max had his party two weeks early because we weren't sure when the baby would come and I was due two days before his actual birthday. Best decision I ever made!

Fun Facts about Max

* He follows the rules! Max is the only one that will instantly take his shoes off every time he gets in the house. Max is the only one who doesn't nibble on his food at meal time before the prayer is said. Actually, he reminds me often if I forget we haven't prayed. I love this!
* Max always takes toys to bed with him at night. It is usually legos or Skylanders but it can change. They sit by him on the ladder of the bunk bed :) I am not sure I can remember a time he hasn't brought something to bed with him!
* He can read! Only simple books but we are working on phonics. For some reason he won't admit to anyone that he can read. Silly boy.
* He can count to 100
* Max has social anxiety. He can not handle crowded places. Especially if it's somewhere he has never been before. He will just stand still and start crying :(
* Foods he loves are watermelon, pretzels (gluten free of course), pizza, bananas, fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbles, and yogurt.
* He loves building. Mainly with Legos but blocks occasionally too. He also enjoys building tracks for his cars. He gets really involved with Legos and will play with them for hours!!
* Big fan of Ninjago (also legos!). He didn't even know it was a TV show until recently but has only watched one episode. They prefer to read the books ... nice ;)
* When he decides to draw pictures there will be papers scattered all over. He will draw over and over again trying to make his drawing perfect.
* Very, very sweet and caring! This kid will make you feel like a million bucks. He doesn't compliment all the time but when he does it is so sweet. He will randomly tell me that I am beautiful and that he loves me. I am pretty sure Aaron thinks Max is my favorite child :)
* Best friend at preschool was Coleman this year. He loved having him over for playdates!
* His absolute best friend is definitely Jack. Those two are inseparable. They can drive me crazy by wrestling and bugging each other too much. But when they play together with legos and other toys they are angelic and so sweet to each other.

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