Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quick Vegas Vacation and Bike Race

Let's go to VEGAS!!!!

 Aaron's race # 

So, you would think Vegas would be a great place to visit when it's cold in Northern Utah. Wrong! It was so cold when we were there :( Winds were chilly enough during Aaron's race that the kids would rather wait in the car for him to finish. I was super bummed about that but we still got outside for most of the time and explored the mountains.
Aaron getting ready to ride. He did great and finished in the top ten for his age group. That was his goal!

Don't worry ... Max didn't fall off and break his limbs. I definitely thought he would though!

My troops all wanted a picture on their own rock :)

The boys found a rock that was gold colored and they thought it was treasure. They carried it around as long as they could.

My boys and their "masculine" picture pose. Ha!

Aaron with one more stage to go!

Jack really is as sweet as he looks!

Jack was going picture crazy and took this picture of me holding Andie. This is pretty much how Andie spent most of the morning. She is not a fan of  the wind.

All finished and still looking fly ... that's my man!

I think Andie eats more dip than she does chicken nuggets ;)

Andie is my little fish. She loves the water a lot more than the boys ever did. It's super fun to take her swimming!

You have to have a bath picture right?

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